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Sectional Title Consultation

Housecore Property Investments and its directors own sectional title property and know sectional title property, its complexity and the do’s and don’ts that goes with it! We offer our services to Management companies, trustees and body corporates of sectional title schemes to assist them through a consultation and quotation proses to assess the current state of the scheme. We consult with and educate the management company, the trustees and owners regarding the Sectional Title Act and their obligations and restrictions, which includes but is not limited to, scheme coverage in line with their current zoning or FAR, Sectional Title plans and participation quotas, common area and exclusive use areas, Building restrictions, building plans, title deed amendments and registration and full municipality circulation service. Our comprehensive service includes the following:

  • Arrange quotations, negotiate fees and discounts and create a shortlist for approval by the Management Company, Trustees and Body corporate of Professional services needed from, Land Surveyors, Architects and draughtsman, Attorneys, municipality and engineers.

  • Attend open days (Questions and Answers) on site with all the owners to educate them about the process and provide support to sectional title owners.

  • Manage, facilitate and coordinate the entire process of providing information and data to the professional team as well as managing the access arrangements on site.

  • Manage, facilitate and coordinate the entire process of providing information and communicating that information to the draughtsman in order to amended current unapproved plans and draw/amend new Building plans, and a new SDP.

  • Managing the communication and information process between the Draughtsman and each individual owner affected – as well as the Land surveyor and other professionals.

  • Effectively manage and facilitate communication with the various departments within the Municipality, enabling the submission of a consolidated file of building plans and SDP for the entire scheme containing each unit affected. In control of the circulation process, between the various departments, within the municipality and manage the process until plan (file) approval.

  • Provide support and contact information of builders/installer (companies) to owners who wish to apply for consent to participate in the process of getting amended plan approval.

  • Overseeing and managing the entire process until its successful conclusion of the following:

  • All units to have updated amended approved building plans.

  • One consolidated approved SDP

  • Updated participation Quota’s for each unit in the scheme as well as SG plans

  • Updated registrations for each unit at the deed’s office