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Property Sales

Housecore Property Investments (PTY) LTD is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. As such, we comply with all Estate Agency Affairs Board requirements. Our agents are also required to be qualified and licensed with the EAAB.

Sellers – Research you can rely on - Due diligence you can trust:

Housecore will supply you with the most up to date historic and current research and due diligence, relevant to the sale of the type of property, area, features best matching yours! This will assist you to place your property in the market at the right price! Over valuing your property is a major risk, especially as the first 3 weeks are the most crucial! Get the price right – sell fast – avoid eventually selling under market value due to being desperate. Remember, your first offer is usually your best offer!

Note: Sellers will be responsible for payment of Professional fees to the Property Consultant, Cancellation Fees on existing Bond as well as the entire Rates & Taxes account, 6 months in advance. (exluding new developments)

Buyers - What to look for when buying a property:

Buy the least expensive home in the most expensive area! - there will always be added value! Do your Homework! Research and due diligence is key! Note: Buyers will be responsible for Transfer Fees which consists of Professional fee to the Conveyancer for services rendered and tax (transfer duty), as well as applicable fees to register the new bond over purchased property at the Deeds Office.

A Guide to Selling Your Home

Your home is probably your greatest financial asset and it is most important that this transaction is handled professionally to ensure that you receive the best possible return on your investment.

Sole Mandate or Open Mandate?

A Sole Mandate ensures that there is sufficient time to plan a professional marketing campaign for the property and that a constant flow of information and advice are passed to the seller during the marketing period.

A Sole Mandate will also guarantee your privacy. Rest assured that it is in our interests to expose your property to all possible potential Buyers or tenants. We will be happy to make an appointment to show your home to any Buyer or tenant and will negotiate an introduction fee with another agent should this be necessary. It is as well to remember that a Buyer or tenant has no mandate with any Agency. They will contact any Agent who is marketing a property which suits their needs. If there's a Buyer or tenant out there, your Agent will reach them. A Sole Mandate is also the only manner in which you can control Agent's commission. It allows only one Agent the mandate to sell or rent your property and ensures that there can be no claims of introducing a buyer or tenant by another Agency. A Sole Mandate guarantees that you will never be faced with a commission dispute which could delay your Sale or rental and cost you money.

Conducting viewings or arranging Show days?

A View by Appointment allows us and the owner much less control. Customers can request an appointment at short notice and again, this is usually after work hours so that the couple or family can come together. This is often inconvenient for the owner and can require constant interruptions in their home life. The Tenant will also not feel comfortable looking around a home in the presence of the owner and may not feel free to ask questions and explore the home properly. It is a fact that over 75% of homes are sold through a show day. At least half the visitors to every show day arrive via the "On Show" boards. Thus, a show day property is advertised to double the number of viewers who can be expected to respond to an online advert. The public have been conditioned to plan their viewing times on a Sunday. This is when they have time to look around and also when all parties are available. In general, buying or renting a home is a couple/family decision and a Sunday offers them the opportunity to look together.

Setting the Price for your property

Traditionally, you can expect your property to sell or rent at the best possible price within the first three weeks of coming onto the market. This is the first impact your property has on the market and your best opportunity to generate excitement in your potential buyers or tenants. An over-priced property is bound to take a protracted time to sell or let. You run the risk of scaring off potential buyers or tenants, lose your initial impact and waste both your own and your agent's time. Eventually, the property will become over-exposed and will ultimately devalue. Today's Buyers and tenants are extremely well educated about market values. They will not be fooled by an over-inflated price. Through rigorous research we can with a fair amount of certainty assist you in pricing your property correctly. Constant feedback from potential buyers or tenants will be analysed in order to establish any obstacles in the sale or letting of your property.

Transfer Process

Once the Conveyance Attorneys receive the Sale Agreement or Offer to Purchase which has been signed and accepted by the Buyer and the Seller, the Conveyance Attorneys will:

Contact the Seller and the Buyer to confirm receipt of the Sale Agreement. Call for cancellation figures on the existing bond from the financial institution concerned. Liaise with Bond Attorneys should this be necessary. Call for any deposits that are due by the Buyer. Call for levy figures from the Managing Agents of the complex where the property is situated. Draw up the legal documents which are required for the transfer of the property once the bond instruction and cancellation figures have been received. Should another firm of Attorneys be attending to the bond, the Conveyance Attorneys will liaise with the Bond Attorneys. Request the Seller and the Buyer to visit the Attorney's offices in order to sign the documents. Apply for transfer duty once costs have been paid by the Buyer. Forward the guarantee documents to the Bond Cancellation Attorneys. Lodge the documents for transfer once transfer duty has been paid by the Buyer. If the bond cancellation and registration are being handled by another Attorney, they will be advised to lodge the documents. Once all documents have been lodged, it will take approximately 10 to 15 working days for the Deeds Office to finalise Transfer. The final account will be reconciled by the Conveyance Attorney once the property has been registered. Proceeds and refunds will be paid to the Seller and the Buyer.